Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Long time

Wow I can't believe I haven't posted in a while. Lots has been going on. About a month after I started my job at CCHO, I was offered a position with Canton City Schools Adult Education in Financial Aid. After much deliberation, I accepted the position.

I am still on staff at CCHO on an "as needed" basis and scheduled sunday's to do a "wrap around schedule" one on one with a resident. I've been off the last few weeks as this resident is in a psychiatric hospital for an extended period of time. When she is back we will resume.

I like my new job, it's just stressful to take over for someone who is no longer there and he didn't really have a grasp on things when he was there. I am just getting somewhat comfortable right now, and it's been 4 weeks.

Carter is walking and a typical toddler these days. He is all over the place. He officially has 12 teeth, now that he got 4 molars in the last 2 weeks. he's a very easy going baby and I am so blessed.

I never realized how much my life has changed with him in my life, but it's such a blessing that he is in my life. I truly am blessed.

We finished all of our fertility testing in September. Everything looks good, my tubes are clear, and my hormone levels are out of whack as we suspected. We have decided to put fertility treatments on hold. Now is just not the time.......