Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busted baby maker.... the journey

So we met with Dr. Nash in July. We had a new doctor talk to us and go over our medical histories, turns out she was one of the interns who worked when I delivered Carter. She was SUPER new at that time, and is now a resident with Reproductive Gynecology! Small world!

Anyways, It was confirmed I have PCOS. He looked at all our histories, blood work ect and did an ultrasound of his own, saying I have all the classic symptoms. Our next steps include more blood work, on day 3 of my next cycle, an HSG, where the put in a catheter and run a dye through it to see if my falopian tubes are clean and ovaries are functioning, between days 6-11 of that same cycle. I went this past friday for a pregnnacy test, which was negative as I figured it would be, and he gave me a prescription for provera to start my next cycle for me.

I am not ovulating at all, which explains why I am not getting pregnant on my own. We discussed a few options, including the use of clomid, clomid with injectables, clomid with IUI and IVF. We will talk more in depth after my testing to where we will start ect.

Todd wasn't left out either. He had to give a sample as well. Thankfully he was able to do so at home, and I had to take it in within an hour. His tests came back totally normal, so that helps to know at least one of us functions the way we should :)

Stay tuned!

Wow so much has happened in a month!

Sorry it's taken so long to blog! I went back to work full time on July 27 at CCHO (Christian Childrens Home of Ohio). I work in a partial hospitalization residential facility in Wooster, about 50 min from home. I work 4/ 10 hour days (usually 4/ 11-12 hours days) a week, Sunday through Wednesday. I LOVE working with the kids on a daily basis. In my cottage (there are 5 of them, 2 ph houses, and 3 teching parent model cottages), we have residents ages 11-17. These kids are almost all victims of abuse and neglect. They are tough kids to love, but I honestly love each and everyone of them, even when they don't make the right choices.

Within a few weeks of working, I was offered a position with Canton City Schools Adult Education doing financial aid and admissions work. It would be much closer to home, double the money and less hours/days. I also have the opportunity to set my own schedule. I would be stupid to pass it up, so I am struggling with a tough decision. I have accepted this position, but still struggle with am I making the right decision.

Enough about work, lets talk about Carter! 5 days after he turned 1, he started walking. Within a day he went from a few steps to walking 10-15 steps at a time, now he is running all over the house. He is such a joy! he's full of energy and full of life and loves to laugh.

Carter gets to play with his friend Kennedy while my friend Lisa watched him while I am at work. He loves being there, and loves playing with his friend!

We are officially bottle free! We took all his bottles away a few weeks ago and he is now strictly using a sippie cup. He had a very smooth transition to this. I am still amazed that I can give him a sippie of milk, put him in his crib wide away and he goes to sleep on his own. How did we get so lucky??

Well I think that's all for now, I will post a seperate post on our baby making progress