Tuesday, February 23, 2010

25 weeks and great news

So I got the results of my blood tests for fifth's disease (parvovirus) and they were negative again. So now I just have ot be very careful not to be around someone with it for about 13-14 more weeks :)

So I am officially at 25 weeks and wow time is flying by. I have so much to do yet to get ready for this little girl. I am hoping to get her room totally cleared out this weekend so we can start ripping out the carpet. Then we are going to start the painting! I can't wait to see it all start to come together!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 week

So today I am 24 weeks. This is a huge milestone for me for 2 reasons.

1- it means baby can be viable outside of the womb....

2- I was already on bedrest at this point last time around

I had my 24 week apt today. My BP went up to 158/86, which is way higher than they want. I had to lay on my left side and be monitored for a while. It did come down, and stayed down. My OB is in Hawaii so I saw the nurse practitioner and she said that I am no longer going to go 4 weeks between apts, I am back to every 2 weeks to keep a super close eye on everything with my given history.

I also had to get a blood test again to check if I have an active exposure or antibodies to Fifths Disease. If it comes back positive, since it was negative last time, I will have to be monitored very closely for developmental defects by ultrasound. So here's praying for all negatives. I should hear results by Monday.
I am going to start doing this survey, Thanks to my friend "mrs.jenni".
Pregnancy: 24 weeks
Weight Gain: 16lbs total
Sleep: I wake up at least once or twice a night to reposition myself and usually once to go to the bathroom
Gender: It's a GIRL
Name: Hannah Eileen
Feeling: I feel good, tired but it doesn't help Carter wakes me up most mornings by 6am
Health : BP issues are starting to happen again. I am now back to the dr every two weeks
Movement: lots, baby girl loves to move!
Belly: bigger by the day!!!
Next Appointment: my birthday, March 3rd! I will be 26 weeks and will be my last apt before the dreaded glucose test and rhogam shot.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

23 weeks

I cannot believe how fast things are going. I seriously need to get my butt in gear and start getting the nirsery ready and picking up things we need for baby Hannah. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for my 24 weeks check up! Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

22 weeks and a Big baby shower

So there were 7 of us 2nd (and 3rd and fourth) time mommies pregnant from a mommy group. We decided to have ourselves a big ole' baby shower. We drew names for gift exchange and everyone brought some food. We had a great night of talking, food and presents!!!! Here is a picture of all of us, lined up in order of due dates. Man I am huge compared to these ladies.... The second one in, in black, is pregnant with TWINS and I am bigger than her!