Friday, January 29, 2010

speed bump with a BIG bump

Carter woke up with a fever. through the day it went up to 102.5. He's really lethargic, taking his second nap of the day right now. He hasn't eaten much but is doing ok with fluids. The doctor siad alternate tylenol and motrin every 4 hours and keep an eye on him. She gave me a list of thigns to watch for and to call if there is a problem over the weekend. Poor baby. I do haev to say though I love the snuggles when he isn't feeling well. Looks like this weekend's plans are gone and we will veg together. Daddy has to work anyways

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

21 weeks

Time has been flying by. Here's a 21 week belly picture... baby girl is getting bigger and bigger

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snag in the road

So on Monday morning I woke up to a text from the night before from Carter's babysitter, Lisa. She said her daughter, Kennedy, had a fever Sunday night but she was pretty sure it was just teething. So Carter still went over there. As the morning went on, Kennedy's fever got worse, up to 103.2, so I went to get Carter. It turns out Kennedy has fifths disease. This is a super contagious childhood virus that lots of kids get. The problem, however, is that it can be harmful even deadly to a pregnant woman's fetus. Lisa and I are both pregnant. So I called the OB just to see if I needed to be concerned, and they said yes, we needed to do a blood test to see if I have an "active" virus, if so they would be monitoring the baby very closely from here on out. There is nothing they can "do" if I do have it, but watch and wait.

I'm really not THAT concerned, but obviously it's in my head. I was in daycare growing up, so I am sure i was exposed to it at some point. Here's hoping I built up an immunity to it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the Ultrasound says.....

Still a girl! I will upload pictures later from the event. My sister in law, Chrissy, Todd and I were all there for the viewing. Cervical length looked great and she was moving around like crazy! She measures about 10oz at this point, which is a decent sized baby. Normal range is 6-7oz.....

Everything looked great, my BP is good so far. There was a little thing they noticed on the ultrasound. I have an extra placental "lobe". Apparently right now it's not a cause for concern, they have to make sure it all comes out at delivery, so he will have to look to make sure it all comes out. They will send it off to the lab to be examined. Otherwise everything looks fine.

Monday, January 18, 2010

20 weeks

Well, I made it! I am 19 weeks away (or less) to meeting baby girl! Here is my 20 week bump picture.... sorry about the dirty mirror but I have a toddler who LOVES to lok at himself in the mirror= touching it all the time. Stay tuned tomorrow after our ultrasound

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby girl is on the move

So I have been feeling baby girl for a few weeks now, just tiny flutters that I only felt while laying/sitting still and very light. They are starting to become more frequent so that makes me happy. That's one of the things about pregnancy I love.... feeling the baby move is such an amazing feeling.

I go back to the Dr on tuesday for our big 20 week ultrasound to amke sure baby looks good and check measurments and gender check. I keep dreaming they tell me that it's a boy! That would be crazy since we have TONS of girl stuff already! Here's hoping baby didn't grow an appendage since my ultrasound at 15 weeks! I wouldn't be upset if it was a boy though, as long as he/she is healthy!!!!

I am starting the "project nursery clean out" this weekend. Our spare room/storage room is going to be baby girl's nursery and we need to get moving. I am already more than half way there since we will deliver at 39 weeks or before!!!!

So stay turned to next week after the ultrasound! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

18 weeks

OK so the top picture (in pink) is 18 weeks pregnant with Carter. The one of me in white is this time around at 18 weeks..... HOLY CRAP baby girl is growing!

WOW this pregnancy is FLYING by! I felt like I was pregnant with Carter for 2 years. This one needs to slow down, I'm not ready yet!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Christmas for us was super busy. It started on the 23rd, we went to a friend's gathering. The 24th we headed to my parents for the afternoon/evening. The 25th was started around 8am when we woke Carter up to open presents. He was really into the wrapping paper! We then headed to Todd's grandparents and then his parents. The 26th my parents and brother came up to hang out. And then we had Sunday and were back to work!

The New Years break was nice, I was off Wednesday and had a massage and then Todd and I went to the Cavs game. It was my first time ever to a pro basketball event. It was a great time! Thursday we hung out at home. Carter and I have colds so I think we might hang out here today (New Years Day) as well since we were planning to visit friends but they have a 3 month old. I would be super mad if someone came to visit us and their family had a cold!

Tomorrow I am going to my parents for our annual family progressive dinner party. And then I plan to relax all day Sunday!

What a crazy holiday few weeks! Happy 2010 everyone!