Sunday, November 29, 2009

Exciting Thanksgiving News

So, I haven't posted in a while for a reason. I knew I would probably explode with joy! On Thanksgiving we announced baby #2 is on the way! That's right, I'm PREGNANT!

On Sept 29 I took a test. I am still really not sure why I even took one, it was 5pm, Todd was teaching and I was getting dinner ready for Carter. I gave up taking tests several months previous as things just weren't working.

It came up with a very faint second line. I couldn't believe my eyes. I hurried and fed Carter, then he and I ran to Walgreens for a digital test... I needed to see "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". We hurried home, and I took the test. "Pregnant"! I was in shock. You see, we had JUST finished all of our fertility testing. We were going to start treatments in TWO DAYS!

I blew up some balloons and made a poster and put all of it and the test on the changing table, and shut the door. Todd came home about an hour later, and as he walked in the door I asked him to please change carter's diaper. I expected lip from him since he had just got home. He didn't at all, he said no problem. As he walked down the hall, I followed behind. He opened the door and was in shock. He turned around and said "really"?! I started crying and said yes.

We told our parents and siblings that weekend, and kept the secret from other family and friends until Thanksgiving weekend.

So we didn't hold off on fertility treatments for any other reason than I was already pregnant!

This is the poster I made to tell Todd.