Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wow I think I am a slacker

So apparently I've been slacking. I haven't wrote in a few weeks, and what a crazy few weeks it has been! Where do I start?

We will start with my Carter bug. Mr. big boy turned 2 on July 15th. He had his birthday party here at our house with just immediate family and a couple friends (Already 25 people!) We put up a little tent, blew up the kiddie pool and had some great food. Carter had a blast! Thank you to everyone for attending and your generosity.

Carter has been having issues with goopy eyes, runny nose and just a bit on the cranky side. We took him to the pediatrition a few weeks ago to see what the heck was going on and to confirm our suspicions it was allergies. It was confirmed alright. So the poor kid is now on Claritin in the mornings, Singulair after nap time, and Benedryl at bedtime. It seems to be helping but still not perfect. We have to talk to the ENT next month for his 3 month follow up and the pediatrition wants us to inquire about allergy testing and maybe a different coctail of meds to give him some relief. Otherwise he is a happy 2 year old (Does that REALLY exist?).

Reagan is a piggy to say the least. I attend a breastfeeding mom support group at the hospital and have the opportunity to weigh her every week. SHe was 8lbs 1oz at birth, and now, at 7 weeks, she is 12lbs 3oz.... Miss Reagan is gaining weight really fast, starting to get some arm chub, and is at the 90th% for weight. She is now in 6 month clothes and is doing great. She is averaging waking up once a night, which is quite awesome for mommy :) I am hoping to get our daytime routine better before i head back to work in a week 1/2 :(

I can't believe my maternity leave is almost over. Where has the last 7 weeks gone?! I have one more full week at home then off to work I go. Thankfully I am only working 3 days a week to start off. Todd is taking two weeks off to stay home with her so we can start to transition her away from mommy and onto the bottle.

One of my goals of maternity leave was to lose my baby weight. I am losing, but my clothes still aren't fitting. This is really frustrating for me since I have clothes from sizes 8 up to 14 in my closet... The 14's (although there are VERY few of them) are starting to fit better, but I am so disgusted in myself for still being at 14, after 7 weeks! I only gained 38lbs total this pregnancy (much better than the 85 I gained with Carter), but my belly is so stretched out and gross I get muffin top with pants. I hate feeling this way!

I've been walking at the park every morning after dropping Carter off at daycare, and it's helping but not where I want to be yet. So my good friend Lisa convinced me to run a 5k with her on Thanksgiving day. So this means I should probaby start running. I started a program called couch to 5k... It's a 9 week training program. I started day one today and although it totally kicked my butt, it felt great afterwards! I am really looking forward to pushing myself and enjoying the accomplishment of being a runner.... I hate running....... but I also want to fit in my clothes again, my cute clothes I Finally got into before i got pregnant again :)

Todd has started working 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. He is doing 6am-5pm Mon-Thurs.... although it stinks that he's gone before we wake upin the mornings, but we love having him home 3 days a week with us. The great news is we were able to drop Carter to part time daycare, and Reagan will only be part time. I will be home on Wednesdays, and Todd and I are both home on Friday's!!! I love family time and really love saving a few hundred dollars a month!

So I think you are all caught up. I promise to TRY to blog more.... I hate super long catch up posts. I will add a seperate post with pictures of the kids :)

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