Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reagan's Birth Story

Well here are a few pictures from Reagan's first few days of life outside my belly. I thought I would share our story of my baby girl's birth.
After a night of not much sleep (4 hours to be exact), my alarm went off at 4:30am. I got a shower and packed up the last few min things that I couldn't pack until then and we had a relaxing morning getting ready. We had to be at the hospital at 6am for an 8am csection.
We arrived to the hospital by 6, got checked in, weighed ( I had already lost 4lbs since the weekend of being sick), and we were off to our room. We were in room 436 and I was told to get my gown on, and got all hooked up to the fetal monitors. We went over some paperwork, had some blood drawn and got my IV hooked up. We had a few doctors come in, anestesia came by t talk to me about what to expect with a spinal and a few nurses came in. By this point it was after 7am, and we were just waiting for Dr. D to come and get me for surgery.

Around 7:50, Dr. D came in and asked me if I was ready, any questions ect. I was wheeled down the hall and got into OR at 8:07am. They put in my spinal, and it was HEAVEN! The numbing cream burned but honestly wasn't too bad. Within a few min I was totally numb from the breasts down. It was better than the epidural was last time. I have never had that feeling before that I had ZERO control of the bottom half of my body.

Within about 10 min, Todd was brought in and sat beside me, holding my hand, and they started. Todd got to watch the entire thing, from first incision to last stitch. He was amazed at how rough they were with me, yet I felt nothing but a tiny bit of pressure.

At 8:30am, we heard a tiny muffled scream. The doctors and nurses were all laughing that she was still in her sack, still in my belly, yet screaming. We could hear her already while she was still inside me! I had tears streaming down my face, and at 8:31am, Reagan Eileen made her appearance. She was still screaming and it was the most amazing sound ever. They held her up for me to see her, and she looked exactly like Carter! Todd was told he could go over to the warmer with her while they finished working on me.

Within about 10-15 min Todd rejoined me with Reagan in his arms. I could not get over how much she looked like her big brother.

By 9am we were in recovery, with baby girl in my arms. We nursed within 10 min of being in recovery and she hasn't stopped nursing since :) We were back in our room by 11:30 and had our first visitors starting at 12!

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